How to Ship Frozen Bird Specimens:

  1. Call Us

    Call to notify us that you will be shipping birds to us.

  2. Paperwork

    • Print the pdf of the order form, contract, tag, & mailing label.
    • These forms must be filled out completely for your bird(s) to be processed.
    • Attach a Bird Tag to the leg of the bird.
    • Include a 50% deposit as a check or money-order.
  3. Pack

    Place the plastic bag containing the FROZEN bird(s) in an ordinary Styrofoam cooler. Surround the plastic bag with newspaper inside the cooler for insulation. Place the cooler in a cardboard box and tape shut with packing or duct tape.

  4. Label Outside of Box

    Label one of the corners on the outside of the box stating contents: Example: 2 Male Wood Ducks, 1 Male Mallard.

  5. Ship

    Try to ship frozen birds on Mondays only to reduce risk of spoilage.

    Ship birds via UPS or Fed Ex, using Next Day Air. DO NOT ship birds using the U.S. Postal Service. They are slow and unreliable.

    Use large coolers for multiple birds.

    Frozen in Flight Bird Taxidermy
    Attn: Robert Olson
    3300 West Broad Street, Suite 115
    Richmond, VA 23230

Staying in Touch

You will be notified by phone, e-mail or mail when your shipment arrives. The physical condition of the birds and best possible poses for each will be discussed, and an estimated time of completion will be given.