Bird Taxidermy Mount Pricing:

Effective December 29th 2023. Prices are subject to change.

With the exception of Spring 2024 Turkeys, we are not accepting bird commissions until December, 2024.

Frozen in Flight Taxidermy is located in Richmond, Virginia. Serving hunters, bird collectors, and museums in the Southeast and USA.

Prices are in US Dollars and include a driftwood or plaque base. A 50% deposit is required in advance. Shipping is not included.

Custom dioramas, habitat scenes, bases, cases and glass domes are available at an additional cost and are priced on a per order basis. Please contact Robert for an estimate.

Assessment of any damage will be determined upon a detailed inspection of birds as soon as they are received. Damaged areas on turkeys, such as breast sections, wings, backs, tails, feet and heads may need to be replaced at an extra cost, in which case you will first be notified.

Call 804-38-BIRDS for turn-around time which varies with the season. Currently around 18 months.


  • Ducks, except for large Sea Ducks: 600

Large Sea Ducks

  • Eiders, White-winged Scoters, Common Mergansers: 750
  • Other Sea Ducks: 600


  • Small Goose (Ross’, Brant, Cackling, Richardson’s, etc.): 750
  • Medium Goose (Snow, Blue, White-fronted, Lesser Canada, Atlantic Canada, etc.): 900
  • Large Goose (Giant Canada): 1200


  • Tundra Swans: 2050
  • Mute Swans & Trumpeter Swans: 2500


  • Small (Parakeet): 350
  • Medium Parrot: 450
  • Large Parrot: 600


  • Wild Turkeys (includes driftwood base, any pose): 2000


  • Peacock: 2500

Lowland Game Birds

  • Marsh Hens (Sora and Virginai Rail): 400
  • Marsh Hens (King and Clapper): 500
  • Gallinules (Purple, Common Moorhen): 600
  • American Coots: 600
  • Snipe: 450
  • Woodcocks: 450

Upland Game Birds

  • Pheasants: 650
  • Partridges / Francolins: 525
  • Quail: 500
  • Grouse: 525 (displaying, strutting poses inflated air sacs, eye combs add $100)
  • Sage Grouse: 650 (basic mount)
  • Sage Grouse (displaying, strutting poses inflated air sacs, eye combs): 750
  • Doves: 525
  • Pigeons: 525

Protected Species

Non-game migratory birds, such as hawks and songbirds, are protected and can be mounted with the proper permits, but can only be displayed in a museum, nature center, school, university, library or other public area for educational purposes.

Most of these places, especially the museums and nature centers, already have the proper permits and you would be covered under those permits. Migratory birds must have both a Federal Wildlife Salvage Permit and a Virginia Wildlife Salvage Permit attached to it.

If you found a dead bird, and want to know if you can get it mounted, we have some more information for you.


  • Small: 350
  • Medium: 400
  • Large: (Pileated Woodpeckers, Roadrunners, large Grackles, etc.) 500


  • Small (Kestrels, Merlins, Sharp-shinned Hawks, small Owls, etc.): 500
  • Medium (large Accipiters, mid-sized Falcons, mid-sized Owls, etc.): 700
  • Large (large Owls, large Buteos, large Falcons, etc.): 900
  • Extra Large (Eagles, Vultures, etc.): 2000


  • Small Herons: 525
  • Medium Herons/Egrets: 700
  • Great Blue Herons: 1200


  • Small/Medium: 600
  • Large (Herring): 875